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The Old West Then and Now

The latest in Pavilion Books' themed Then and Nows -
( Train Stations, Route 66, Ballparks) the Old West Then and Now is a chronicle of how the West was settled after the Louisiana Purchase.

Pioneers headed westward to make their fortunes mining silver and gold, while others set up homesteads in the new territories. It chronicles the Indian Wars, the march of the railroads and profiles some of the most dangerous towns in America where a lawmen's lifespan could be measured in weeks not years!

Perth Then and Now

Perth in Western Australia might not have a reputation as being a hotbed of history buffs, but former Heritage Perth Director Richard Offen has certainly unleashed an interest in the subject in his adopted home city.

Because in its first year of publication Perth Then and Now has sold close to 10,000 copies and is still going strong. It's already sold more copies than the bigger Australian cities of Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. What's more, bulk copies of the title have been bought by local schools and it is now used as a teaching aid in class.

"It's been a very gratifying response," said Richard Offen, who has been tasked with a follow-up book documenting the lost architectural gems of the city.

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San Juan Then and Now

Includes Castillo de San Felipe del Morro, Cementerio de Santa Maria Magdalena de Pazzi, Curatel de Ballaja, Casa Blanca, La Fortaleza, San Juan Gate, El Convento Hotel, San Juan Cathedral, Plaza de Armas, Iglesia San Jose, Calle San Jose, Calle San Francisco, Castillo de San Cristobal, Plaza de Colon, Casa Espana, Casino de Puerto Rico, Teatro Tapia, Aduana, La Marina, Banco Popular, Capilla del Cristo, El Arsenal, Federal Building, La Perla.

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