Then and Now - Denver Then and Now®: Revised Edition (Then and Now)

By Josh Dinar and Jeffrey Steen

Part of the 4-miliion-selling-trademark series from Anova Books – a fascinating historical tour of Denver, with the same view photographed today, from a great local author.

Much has changed since Denver was dubbed “Queen City of the Plains” over a century ago. Denver’s birth coincided with the dawn of the photography age and so the transformation from frontier town to metropolis has been recorded at every step of the way. Denver Then and Now is a journey through the life of the Mile High City and a tribute to its ever-changing façade, chronicling the sad losses but also the preservation triumphs.

Locations include: Union Station, Lower Seventeenth Street, Larimer Square, Palace Theatre, The Old Elephant Corral, Old City Hall, Tabor Opera House, City Auditorium, Curtis Street, Paramount Theater. Kittredge Building, Republic Building, Daniels and Fisher Tower, Denver Gas and Electric Building, Post Office, Colorado Bank, Brown Palace Hotel, Milwaukee Brewing, Denver Club, Coors Brewery, Denver Bears and Montclair.

Format: Hardcover
Release Date: 01 Nov 2014
Pages: 144
ISBN: 978-1-909815-55-1