Lost - Lost Charleston (Lost)

By Leigh Handal

Using classic archive images, Charleston’s greatest architectural and cultural losses are documented in chronological order from 1861 thru 2018.

Aside from the havoc wreaked by the Civil War bombardment, Charleston has endured a succession of fires, hurricanes and earthquakes over the last 200 years. Though famous for its grand ante-bellum buildings of the nineteenth century, there have been some significant losses, particularly those from the Great Fire of 1861.

From the dawn of the photographic era, Lost Charleston chronicles the markets, mansions, hotels, halls, church towers and cherished businesses that time, progress and fashion have swept aside.

Sites include: Castle Pinckney, Battery Ramsay, Institute Hall, Washington Race Course, Comingtee, Vendue Range, The St. Phillips Church “Lighthouse,” Mills House Hotel, Roper Hospital, Thompson Auditorium, King Street stores, St. Andrews Hall, the original Charleston Hotel, Jenkins Orphanage Band, Union Station, and Middleton Place plantation house.