Lost - Lost New Orleans (Lost)

By Richard Campanella

Lost New Orleans is the latest in the series from Pavilion Books that traces the cherished places in a city that time, progress and fashion have swept aside before concerned citizens or the National Register of Historic Places could save them from the wrecker’s ball.

Organised chronologically, starting with the earliest losses and ending with the latest, the book features much-loved New Orleans insitutions that failed to stand the test of time. Grand buildings erected in the Victorian era that were too costly to be refurbished, or movie theaters that the age of television made redundant are featured. Alongside the city’s iconic and much-missed buildings, Lost New Orleans also looks at the industries that have declined or left town.

Sites include:Ursuline Convent Compound; St. Louis Hotel and Exchange; Horticultural Hall; Old French Opera House; New Orleans Cotton Exchange; Old Masonic Temple; Poydras Market; Chess, Checkers, and Whist Club; Charity Hospital; Olivier Plantation House; Washington Artillery Hall; Union Railroad Depot; New Orleans Public Library; Solari’s Delicatessen; Sugar and Rice Exchange; Godchaux’s; Tulane Stadium; Rivergate Exhibition Hall; Lower Ninth Ward; Le Beau House.